BoonFaya > Free Online Storage & Photo Hosting for Families, Educators, Travelers & Shutterbugs, and are namespace holders used for our "invite-only" photo sharing service. It was created in 2004 and has been operational for more than 10 years. We host more than 300 sites maintained by shutterbugs and travelers from around the world - mostly from the Philippines, Belgium, United Kingdom, Singapore, Germany, Japan, Canada and France.

» What we provide for free?

  • a photo gallery site (w/ password-protection)
  • based on Gallery2 & Apache/mod_dav (open source platforms)
  • 100 Gigabytes of online storage space
  • URL address
  • » What makes our service unique?

  • we don't use ads, trackers or analytics
  • secure, high-grade SSL access by default
  • map your account as a network drive (via secure WebDAV)
  • no data lock-in & short data retention
  • » Who's using our service?

    and many others... :)

    » Sign Up

    To setup an account, just email with the subject "liberate my photos" and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. If you enjoy the service, please consider making a donation to support webserver costs. Thank you!

    » Are you a Developer?

    Take advantage of our WebDAV server targets for testing client/server connectivity over high-grade SSL/TLS (1.0-1.2 & ECDHE ciphers)

    » Supported upload methods

  • your own storage device (snail mail!)
  • your favorite web browser
  • iPhoto plugin, large ZIP files (up to 500MB each)
  • or any of the apps shown below:

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