It’s been a great ride. But now it’s time to move on.

Unfortunately, the Gallery Project ( has ceased operations for quite sometime now – which means, the Gallery software will no longer be maintained. Security is our foremost concern.

Gallery instances from our server have been removed. Backup copies are now available by request, just email

If you choose to continue using our free service, here’s what we offer:

– 15 Gigabytes online storage (for personal or group use only)
– cross-platform WebDAV access from your desktop or mobile device
– supports large files
(hi-res photos, videos, etc…)
– unique URL address
– HTTPS only (TLS 1.2), port 80 is blocked by default
– Apache 2.4/mod_dav backend

To setup your account, generate a password hash and email it – we’ll get it rolling for you within 24 hours.